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NamoCoin (NAMO) is a Pow/Pos Altcoin Network. It uses hashing algorithm NIST5 and block times are 120 seconds, rewards are 20 Namo per block and stake interest is 5 percent per year. Total supply is 1200,000,000 Namo with a premine dev fund of 560,000,000. Maximum block sizes are 1MB. NIST5 is both economical and highly secure hash function and was chosen because of it’s many benifits for miners and the NamoCoin network.

RPC PORT 19101 P2P PORT 16305


See doc/readme-qt.rst for instructions on building NamoCoin QT,
the intended-for-end-users, nice-graphical-interface, reference
implementation of NamoCoin.

See doc/build-*.txt for instructions on building NamoCoind,
the intended-for-services, no-graphical-interface, reference
implementation of NamoCoin.